“Water water everywhere but there is not even a drop to drink “ this is the situation of a Jobseeker and an employee in the present world . After spending a lot of money on education ,the jobseekers never hear back from the company they applied for . Sadly, not responding to Job applications has became a growing trend among companies. Mostly from Job seeker wondering why they haven’t heard anything from an employer they interviewed with and wondering what they should do next ,while they wait for that Job offer that may be coming very soon. Now a days , Job sites are loosing their genuinity while Job consultancies are exploiting the employees on the other hand . In this present situation , Employers put a tremendous effort to get a suitable employee for their company. In such a circumstance ,Jobfairkerala.com indeed proves to be a resourceful portal , both for recruiters and Jobseekers. Jobfairkerala provides Employers and their representatives to participate directly in the Event Job fairs. Jobfairkerala helps the employers to find the apt employee through Online/Direct Jobfair and will give them chances to meet the candidates through face to face interview.


For Educational institutions, organizations and firms

It is a hectic task to find out the apt job for their students. To untie this knot, they need simply communicate their willingness and facilities through job fair kerala.com. Fully through the help of online facilities, they can organize best job fairs of their own.

Job Seeker

Any job seekers can register through jobfair kerala.com paying the registration fee

Using the username and password, obtained after registrations, the job seeker can get details about jobfairs through own web page. Finally through any type of jobfair given above jobseekers can capture dream jobs.


Employers find it difficult to find out the best and apt candidate to fill up their vacancies.

After spending huge amount for advertisements and spending much to job consultants, the employers still wander here and there without getting a single catch.

Apt Online Center

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About Job Portal

When jobseekers wander here and there for jobs,employers strive hard for picking up apt candidates to fill up their vacancies. At this juncture, we introduce a very simple and transparent method to solve this problem. Through the web site Jobfairkerala.com, both job seekers and employers can achieve their targets. In this connection you are requested to avail this opportunity served by Aptvision Online services Pvt. Ltd.